Winning the fight against hair loss

For over 60 years, Svenson has brought the very latest, effective hair and scalp care treatments to both male and female clients all over the world. Our first hair centre opened in London in 1956 and our first Asian centre opened in Hong Kong in 1973. While the tools and techniques to fight hair loss have progressed markedly, at Svenson Hair Centres across Asia, our convictions remain the same: hair and scalp care that's committed, holistic and makes a noticeable difference.  

Our Hair Care Consultants, trained by Svenson’s team of international trichologists, are experts in the specialised disciplines of the structure, function, pathology and therapy relating to the hair and scalp. Expertise has empowered Svenson to be a recognised authority in how to gain a healthy and lustrous head of hair.  

Svenson combines the advantages of advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge technology, a wide range of proprietary hair care products and clinically proven anti-hair loss and hair care treatments. Clients are assured of a personalised hair care programme delivering a healthy hair and scalp, yet free from possible side effects arising from off-the-shelf medication. 

Svenson Hair Centres can be found in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Macau to provide personalised hair care programmes for scalp care and anti-hair loss.



Svenson’s in-house trichologists have years of formal training under international specialists allied to the expertise gained by extensive consulting experience of over many years.

Many of our trichologists are members of the Institute of Trichologists (IOT). The IOT is the leading international forum for the exchange of the latest diagnostic and treatment technology and methodology. A visit to Svenson gives you the confidence that your hair and scalp care needs will be fully met.


Our Hair Care Consultants study numerous cases and undergo regular training with our international Trichologists. By understanding the needs of each individual customer, a customised hair and scalp care programme is formulated to achieve the optimal results.


Svenson therapists maximise treatment efficacy with skilled support, from the know-how to operate treatment technology to invigorating scalp massages. Such ancillary services are now synonymous with the Svenson experience of caring for your hair from root to tip.

From your first visit to a Svenson Hair Centre, our goal is to provide a relaxed, confidential environment in which you can express your anxiety about hair fall-out, an expanding bald spot at the crown or receding hair at the forehead. We ask lifestyle questions, talking about stress, diet and sleep patterns. This holistic approach is soon followed by close examination of your actual hair and scalp condition. We have laboratory support for bio-tech examination of a single hair strand. All these diagnostic procedures are designed for one purpose: delivering a personalised treatment regime to improve your hair growth.

Every member of Svenson is devoted to bringing our clients the most effective hair revitalising experience. According to the results of our customer satisfactory survey carried out on clients completing Svenson’s hair care programmes, 100% of them are satisfied with healthier scalp conditions, 96% agree their hair loss problems have been improved and 88% felt their hair has grown with more volume than before.

The above figures are derived from recent results of customer satisfactory survey of Svenson Hair Centres (Hong Kong) conducted among 106 male customers with hair loss patterns of Norwood Hamilton Classification I to 4A.

Svenson Clients Testimonials





“Only professional expertise can be trusted! After Svenson’s treatments, my scalp condition has significantly improved resulting in stronger newly grown hair! I also have much wider styling options now!”



“I was troubled by my post-natal hair loss, and the Svenson Hair Filler not only helped to lessen hair fall, it also reversed the process - hair is thicker."



“I would highly recommend Hair Filler treatment to anyone bothered by their hair loss. Not only are the treatments comfortable, even enjoyable, results are seen within a few sessions as new hair growth could be observed.”

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