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DEC 14, 2022

We at Svenson are committed to the safety of our clients and employees. In spite of the alleviated situation, our centres stay vigilant and take constant precautionary measures according to the government’s instructions.


  1. All staff and Clients have to wear masks in the Centre and comply with the health and safety measures.
  2. Therapists have to wear protective goggles when providing services to clients and sanitise protective gears after providing service to every client.
  3. Individual treatment rooms or partitioning seats are to be arranged to all clients.
  4. All staff have to take the COVID-19 testing every 14 days and ensure that the test result must be negative before on duty.
  5. Staff who have travelled or have been exposed to suspicious cases, or have symptoms such as cough or fever, must take a nucleic acid test with a result of negative, and show no symptoms before returning to work.
  6. Clients must present the “Vaccine Pass" before entering the Centre. Alternatively, Clients can fill the “Customer Visit Form” by providing their names and contact numbers, the visit record shall be kept for 31 days according to the government provision.
  7. Clients who have been exposed to suspicious cases in the past 14 days, a cough, fever, flu and other symptoms, treatment time will be rescheduled and be advised to take a nucleic acid test.


  1. All Clients and Visitors are to complete the Visitors Health & Travel Declaration Form and comply with the Travel Advisory instructions.
  2. All staff, Clients and Visitors are required to have their temperature taken and recorded. Staffs’ temperature monitoring is done twice a day.


  1. Regular disinfection of surface areas which staff and Clients frequently come into contact with, such as door handles, seats, tables, toilets, etc., at least twice a day.
  2. Weekly disinfection and deep cleansing of all Centres.
  3. Disinfecting carpet has been placed at the entrance.
  4. All staff have been instructed to adopt frequent sanitising, including disinfecting equipment, tools and service areas before and after each use. All towels and consumables used are to be changed after each use.
  5. Clients, and Visitors are encouraged to regularly use the hand sanitiser located at the reception and treatment area.

We are in this together, and we hope you will stand with us in keeping Svenson and Hong Kong safe. Stay vigilant and healthy!

Thailand Announcement 2017

Dear Svenson friends and customers,

We at Svenson, are continually challenging ourselves to improve our services. With this commitment and approach to our new business direction, we have decided to concentrate on our more mature and established markets. As part of this, we have made an exit from our operations in Thailand as of 1 August 2017. We trust that the new owner and its team will bring the brand to great heights from here on.

We will continue to operate Svenson Hair Centres in Hong Kong and the rest of our South East Asian markets. We look forward to the coming months when we will be able to unveil the exciting details across the rest of our markets.

Until then,

Amy Quek
Executive Director

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