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Hair Loss

Early signs of hair loss are mainly visual, such as unusual hair fall-out in the shower water outlet, a small but noticeable recession of the hair at the front, or a widening parting. Others pertain to your scalp condition. We list common problems below:

Six key hair loss indicators:

  1. Excessive scalp oil excretion. If the situation is bad, you may still find your hair greasy after thorough shampooing.
  2. Lifeless and un-manageable hair.
  3. An itchy scalp, excessive dandruff and pimples indicating blocked and/or inflamed hair follicles.
  4. Hair is getting thinner and weaker causing a receding hair line and/or widening parting.
  5. Any signs of scalp show-through.
  6. Or that hair strands are less robust than you remember. This, particularly, suggests that the hair roots are weakened.

Just one of these early signs suggests you should seek professional advice. The earlier a tailor-made treatment begins, the more chance there is of saving your hair. Svenson offers a FREE initial consultation.

Lifestyle and diet

An unhealthy or irregular lifestyle such as a lack of sufficient sleep and exercise can adversely affect the transport of nutrients in the blood capillaries to hair follicles. A nutritionally unbalanced diet, or ‘crash dieting’, can both result in unhealthy hair.

The fast pace of big city living nowadays can be stressful, and fast-paced pressure can cause disturbance to your diet and deep sleep deprivation. Further, adrenaline release and constant deadline anxiety can upset hormonal balance. All of these indicators are the enemy of healthy hair growth.

Another hair enemy – DHT

Studies have proved that long-term and heavy mental stress will cause excessive adrenal gland secretion, which will cause significant amounts of DHT. The scalp will become oily, damaging the hair follicles, shortening the hair growth cycle, and eventually accelerating hair loss.

Hair transplanting is minimally invasive surgery. Sufficient hair follicles are extracted from the donation area at the back, and then transplanted to hair thinning or bald areas to redistribute the hair for an improved appearance. However, the results of hair transplantation may fall below your expectation as it is affected by various factors, such as the survival rate of the hair follicles. Moreover, it may require oral medication afterwards to inhibit DHT. This may have side effects, such as sexual dysfunction.

Treat hair loss from the root causes

Trichologists have identified 46 causes of hair loss while hair transplant is just a cosmetic measure to cover up the problem. In order to cure from the root causes, Svenson recommends a regular hair care treatment programme targeting improvement in natural hair growth, a safe and risk-free approach.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that causes hair to fall out in round patches. It can afflict both men and women, old and young. The general situation may come from emotional stress, which leads to immune system disorders. People with eczema and sensitive skin are more likely to have alopecia areata, and heredity traits can be a contributing factor.

Check-up of scalp for prevention

The scope of alopecia areata is generally the size of a round coin, with no obvious symptoms, no pain, no itching, and no physical discomfort. Some cases of alopecia areata will heal automatically after a few months, but there is also a chance of the condition spreading. In severe cases, it can lead to the complete loss of hair on the scalp (alopecia totalis) within a few weeks. Regular examination of hair and scalp can identify the problem for early treatment.

Male Hair Loss

Genetic susceptibility is the primary cause of hair loss in men, generally representing as a receding hair line and spreading baldness at the crown known as male pattern baldness. Once hair thinning has become noticeable, there is a chance that up to 50% of the hair follicles have weakened or even died from which hair grow is impossible. Yet there is good news on that front.

Firstly, this family propensity to early hair loss can skip a generation. Secondly, and scientifically, the latest development of biotechnology - Biomimetic Peptide Complex – can effectively resist DHT. The Svenson treatment of Hair Filler rejuvenates the hair follicles and prolongs the hair growth cycle. As always, the earlier you express your concerns to Svenson, the more that can be done to prevent hair loss. Prevention is the most effective treatment.

The problem of premature hair loss has become more common in the past two decades. The incubation period for hair loss begins as early as 18 to 25 years of age. On entering adolescence, the male body will produce a large amount of testosterone, which has a significant risk of transforming into the hair loss culprit DHT. At the same time, testosterone can stimulate the strong secretion of oil, making the scalp and hair become oily. If not cleaned properly, it will block the hair follicles and transform into DHT, destroying the health of the hair roots making the hair weak and short, foreshadowing hair loss. A precursor to this can be the stressful lifestyle of youngster nowadays.

Female Hair Loss

The female body is dominated by estrogen, which counteracts testosterone and provides additional protection to the hair. However, studies have confirmed that long-term and heavy mental stress will reduce the production of estrogen, which will induce the hair loss culprit DHT and cause female hair loss. The change of estrogen levels after giving birth, menopause and gynaecological problems may also induce female hair loss.

Some signs of hair fall may well occur post-partum (after giving birth), but normally return to normal after three months. If the condition lingers, seek professional advice. Svenson’s Intensive Purifying Treatment, and Follicells Growth Activator 55 can certainly help you regain a full head of lustrous hair.

A trichcologist’s tip: increase your intake of foods that are beneficial to hair health – essential elements such as iron and protein can strengthen the blood oxygenation capacity; fruit and vegetables, oatmeal and wheat, vitamins A, B and E as well as iodine all provide good hair health boosters.


Scalp Problems

A disease, no. A nuisance, yes. Normal monomorphic dandruff is derived from the epidermis and consists of 20 to 40 layers of dead skin cells, which will slough off regularly. To resolve the problem, it is recommended to quit dairy products, sugar and chocolate; eat more fish or fish oil supplements, and foods rich in vitamins B and C. In conjunction with receiving regular treatment, Svenson provides personalised treatments and products which can effectively remove dandruff, soothe sensitive and restore you scalp to health. Our treatment for dandruff focuses on anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory measures.

The scalp is very like the face; it is sensitive to weather – heat and humidity, cold and drier air. The most simple yet effective solution is to select hair products – shampoos and conditioners – most suited to the seasons. Visit Svenson for a hair and scalp check-up to let our trichologist match your hair type with the suitable hair products.

Hair Products

The causes of hair loss are very complicated with over 46 types where the most common are genetics, stress, hormonal imbalances, chemical pollution, and poor dietary habits. It is impossible to rely on a single product to treat the problems resulting from all causes.

Lack of scientific support

Off-the-shelf so called ‘anti-hair loss’ shampoos or tonics often claim that they contain precious Chinese medicine or other effective ingredients which can somehow bring about a ‘miracle cure’. There is no scientific evidence of this. When facing the first signs of hair loss, proper diagnosis and a tailor-made treatment path is always the optimal option for effective results and peace of mind.

97% of the hair's composition is protein and keratin. Amino acids not only are proteins that can promote the synthesis of keratin and make hair healthier and stronger, but also play an important role in the production of red blood cells which provide nutrition and oxygen to the hair, thereby promoting hair growth.


Hair science research has found that hair regrowth is dependent on Hair Follicle Epithelial Stem Cells (HFSCs) which are found in both the bulb region and papilla of a hair follicle. Svenson’s FolliCells Growth Activator 55 contains 55 kinds of amino acids which can reduce the level of IL-6 resulting in a increase of healthy stem cells in the hair follicles and stimulation of the growth of new hair. This is boosted by the help of equipment which enhances the effectiveness of treatment by transmitting active ingredients to follicles for hair growth.

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“Only professional expertise can be trusted! After Svenson’s treatments, my scalp condition has significantly improved resulting in stronger newly grown hair! I also have much wider styling options now!”



“I was troubled by my post-natal hair loss, and the Svenson Hair Filler not only helped to lessen hair fall, it also reversed the process - hair is thicker."



“I would highly recommend Hair Filler treatment to anyone bothered by their hair loss. Not only are the treatments comfortable, even enjoyable, results are seen within a few sessions as new hair growth could be observed.”

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