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FROM THE LEFT TO RIGHT: HONG KONG TEAM - Heidi Lee, Christy Sin, Alex Poon, Iris Yuen and Cat Chan. SINGAPORE TEAM - Kim Fong, Emily Lai and Lynn Liu. MALAYSIA TEAM -  Rossanna Juanita Fernando, Angie Tan and Shanthi A/P Annamalai



Our in-house Trichologists have extensive formal training under UK-based specialists, as well as regional consulting experience. With part of our Trichologist team being official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT), Svenson Hair is confident in meeting your hair and scalp needs.

Consulting an experienced and certified Trichologist for a fast and precise diagnosis is key to approaching hair and scalp treatment. A trained Trichologist will be able to diagnose the root cause of thinning hair or scalp condition accurately, thereafter recommending appropriate treatment and care.


Some of the trichologists in Hong Kong are International Affiliate (UK) members of the institute of Trichologists; Heidi Lee and Christy Sin are two of them.

Heidi Lee has over 15 years of experience in treating hair and scalp issues. Heidi is a member of the Svenson trichologists team who participated the 11th World Congress Hair Research in Sitges, Spain. She treasured the opportunities of obtaining the latest hair news and researches findings, as well as exchanging the ideas with the leading experts in the hair recovery disciplines. She is pleased to share her frontier knowledge and skills with every Svenson client.

Witnessing the increase of hair loss problems for many diverse reasons, Heidi notices more rehabilitation patients after chemotherapy have sought help from Svenson.

“They come in with sparse, very fine hair after the completion of chemotherapy. I recommend treatments that are suitable for each individual case. A growing number of visible results with denser, stronger hair within a few months suggests that our advanced treatments can make a real difference. This is reflected across all hair loss conditions. Hair loss can now be beaten.”

As part of recommending personalised treatments to clients, Heidi believes in creating a confidential atmosphere in which she can find out more about a client’s lifestyle.

“I talk with my clients about such matters as work pressure and lack of sound sleep, and how they can lead to stress. This in turn leads to hormonal imbalance and weaker hair growth. Poor dietary habits are also a contributing factor to hair-loss problems. I try to give advice and adjust the holistic treatment regime to enhance progress to an optimal result.”

Christy Sin has over 10 years of experience in Svenson as a qualified trichologist.

Hair loss causes can be complicated, while weather and stressful lifestyle are two of the common ones in Hong Kong. Scalp problems such as excess oil, itchiness, dandruff and an irritated scalp are the early signs of hair problems; ignoring these indicators can lead to hair loss.

“Maintaining a healthy scalp is the first step to stronger hair growth. If people seek professional help at an early stage of scalp and hair problems, the greater the chances of saving your hair.”

Too many people noticing hair loss, try off-the-shelf solutions. Christy shares one of her real client cases:

“I have a male client who came for help with thinning hair at his crown. He had tried different anti-hair loss shampoos and so-called hair growth tonics from supermarkets and pharmacies. However, his hair loss situation only got worse. After a year of trial and error, he decided to seek Svenson’s help. A thorough check-up revealed that his scalp was greasy and a lot of hair follicles were blocked which can’t be cleared simply by daily shampoo. I recommended our deep cleansing treatment that combines Svenson’s propriety formulas and advanced delivery technology. Signs of significant scalp improvement were seen after a couple of treatment sessions. Encouraged by the noticeable results, the client asked about Svenson’s further treatment programmes for stronger and denser hair. I am always motivated and content to see that my clients have gained visible results!”


You can be sure that you are in good hands when you are with Ms. Kim Fong. Acting as Svenson’s Group Chief Trichologist at Svenson, Kim oversees Svenson’s team of trichologists on a group level covering multiple Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. With a tenure exceeding 20 years, Kim has held her office longer than any trichologist within the Svenson group and has been with clients every step of the way on their hair and scalp health journey.

Using Svenson’s systematic and scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of hair and scalp conditions, coupled with her wealth of experience in ensuring best practices she has garnered herself a loyal following of clients.

Kim is a strong believer in ensuring best practices, quality formulations and impeccable service and ensures that this is delivered by her team. Never one to rest on her laurels, she is constantly upgrading herself and her team by partaking in international conferences such as the World Congress Hair Research 2019 to keep ahead of the latest trichological developments. Stemming from her strong belief and ethics, she sets high standards in Svenson’s service delivery to ensure that clients’ satisfaction are optimised and assured.




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our convictions remain the same: Hair and scalp care that’s committed and holistic, delivered by Trichologists and Hair Consultants who have your best interests at heart. Clients are assured of a personalised hair care programme delivering a healthy hair and scalp.

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