Q & A

For Sale of China Business

Q1. Is there any change to my package?
There is no change to your package. You may continue to enjoy all your current benefits.

Q2. Why did you sell Svenson in China?
For some time our customers have been asking for more sophisticated surgical-type procedures. During 2013, weˇ¦ve been reviewing our business in light of these requests, and decided to invest in new medical aesthetic equipment and a day retreat facility where such treatments can be carried out. This investment has necessitated us to focus on our more mature and established markets, so we decided to sell our Svenson business in China.

Q3. Can I still use my package to have treatments at Svenson in China?
No. Selling the Svenson business in China means that we can no longer offer our clients service in China, but you can still use your package in other areas such as Macau and our South East Asia centres.

Q4. Will there be any changes at my treatment center? Will my therapist change?
No, everything at the Svenson centres in Hong Kong, Macau and South East Asia will remain the same.