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Multi-talented Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui is a Hong Kong film actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and master of ceremonies. Lawrence said that a hair loss problem can be a threat to his career especially for the appearance conscious entertainment sector. His experience of suffering from bald spot many years ago was a turning point for the fate of his hair!

Double threat to hair loss
Many years ago, Lawrence shot a TV drama where he had to wear a hair wig. He didn¡¦t clear the glue properly after filming one day and he noticed a small bald spot on his scalp that scared him. Lawrence¡¦s father and brother are bald, so he was naturally very worried that he had an inherited propensity to hair loss.

Regular treatment; visible results
After searching around for solutions, Lawrence was recommended to visit Svenson and he decided to have a trial. He has now been visiting Svenson for more than 10 years. He said that at the early stage of receiving treatment, he would visit his Svenson centre 2 to 3 times a week. Today, no matter how busy he is, he continues to visit the centre once a week to maintain his hair. In addition to centre treatment, Lawrence also uses Svenson¡¦s home treatment daily to maintain a healthy head of hair. He is free of worry about hair loss with professional help from Svenson, and keeps up regular centre visits because the results are visible

Hair Stylist best judge
Lawrence is satisfied with his hair condition and he mentioned his hair stylist is a good judge. ¡§ Every time my stylist cuts my hair, he says my hair is so manageable and easy to style.¡¨ ..
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