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Main causes of hair loss:
Hereditary factors, stress and long working hours.

Under the shadow of hair loss:
¡§Since I was born in a family with hair loss problems, I had long been prepared for such a day. However, I never thought that when I really faced such problems, I would feel so uncomfortable and so embarrassed. But what could I do? I was so busy at work, how could I spare my attention to resist hair loss problems? Later I understood that when I turned to experts for help, I could solve the problems once and for all.¡¨

Mr. Szeto¡¦s personalized treatment program includes:

  1. 4T Multi Activation and Regeneration Therapy - Trichological compound activation factors are extracted from various herbal essences to effectively remove oily deposits on scalp, strengthen hair follicles and help hair to stay in a healthy and strong condition.
  2. Vitamin R Hair Treatment. Effectively prevents male hormones from combining with 5£\co-reductase in the hair follicles. Puts an end to the production of DHT and strengthens the hair.

After treatments:
"After attending the treatments, my hair oil was greatly reduced and my hair became more and stronger. I just could not express how happy and excited I was." Call Svenson now for a free consultation.