Hamitton's Scale
Mens hair loss is in seven main stages and if treated in an early stage, most hair loss problems can be improved or cured; but if treated in a late stage, the hair root may be beyond recovery and there is no way to save the hair.

Hair loss seems to have an inseparable relationship with men and most of them begin to lose hair after adolescence. The only difference is that the seriousness of the problems and conditions may vary according to different persons. In fact, there are up to 46 reasons of hair loss, including partial or extensive hair loss, and influences of heredity or external factors. Common reasons for hair loss in men:

Mens hair loss problems most often have a hereditary background. If your parents or grandparents have the problem of hair loss, you will also have a relatively higher chance to suffer from such a problem.

Secretion of Hormone
Hair loss is not necessarily a problem for old people. Young people may also have hair loss problems, because testosterone may also increase in their body. In fact, testosterone itself cannot cause hair loss, but when combining with an enzyme named 5-alpha, it will produce DHT, which can shorten the lifespan of hair, make the hair weaker and finally make the hair root dry up and die.

In todays society, with the rapid pace of life, the pressures from work and daily life are greatly increased and may make secretion of hormones unbalanced and finally cause hair loss.

Life Habits
Individual life habits are also of great importance. Long-time insufficient sleep, drinking and smoking will affect the health of hair follicles. Besides, poor diet will also deprive the chance to receive necessary nutrition by your body.

Natural Environment
Hong Kong is located in a subtropical zone and has a hot and humid climate, which will cause a thriving secretion of scalp grease, blocking hair follicles and affecting the health of scalp and hair; in addition with severe air pollution, hair loss problems become more aggravated.