The causes of hair loss in women may differ from those in men. The look of hair loss in women can also be different. Svenson established Lady Svenson specially for women for this purpose and hires trichologists who have deep research and experience on women's hair loss. Common reasons for hair loss in women:

Pregnancy, Parturition and Menopause
It's easy for the above three conditions to cause the imbalanced secretion of female hormones and thus cause hair loss. If not properly cared for and in addition with the mental burden after parturition or menopause, they may cause long-term hair loss problems.

Ludwig Scale
Hair loss in women is usually in four stages and often in the form of Diffuse Hairloss. If therapy is received in an early stage, most women's hair loss problems can be greatly improved

In Asia, many women have to juggle their working life with looking after the home and family. Under such pressures and worries, the male hormone increases in their body, which causes hypersteatosis. Their hair becomes excessively oily and more DHT is generated. Besides, stress may also strain the cranium muscle and thus affect the circulation of blood. Hair loss can result.

Dietary considerations
The hair follicle is one of the most delicate parts of our physiology and one of the first to be effected if we are not getting the right vitamins and minerals in our diet. A Svenson trichologist will advise on all aspects of food intake as to how it can impact on hair loss. He or she will also warn against crash dieting as a slimming option.

Excessive use of hairdressing products
Frequent hair-dyeing, hair-waving, excessive hair-drying and long-time using of chemical hairdressing products will cause chemical pollution to the scalp and hair, hurting the deep layer of hair follicles, blocking or damaging hair follicles and causing hair loss.

Don't think only men's hair loss has hereditary causes. Women's hair loss can also arise from their lineage. In fact, all women can also produce a small amount of DHT, which, for most women, is restrained by the secretion of female hormones. As women grow older, the secretion of female hormones will gradually decrease. If your parents or their parents have hair loss problems, you have a relatively higher chance to have such problems.