Long term and persistent dandruff, itchy and sensitive scalp problem, and also hair loss could be a sign of follicular problem which can damage hair follicles, leads to atrophy, fibrosis and eventually hair thinning and hair loss.

In order to diagnose the real causes of hair loss more accurately, Svenson Hair Centres has collaborated with a US-based biopharmaceutical company to develop the micro-inflammation test (MIT) to find out the hair loss cause apart from DHT. Three strands of hair under the growing phase will be plucked and sent to our collaborating laboratory. There the technician will extract enzymes from those follicular cells and add in active agents for incubation. Those hair follicle samples will then be examined under a UV spectrophotometer to measure the active and density level of caspase-1. When the results come back, a Svenson consultant will go over them with you and recommend solutions where necessary.