A: Both Scalp itching and excess oil excretion are symptoms of hair loss. However, people often ignore it and have a misconception that shampooing can solve the problem. Even shampoo contained with a mint formula is used, it provides a short period of comfort only and it would never be the way for a permanent cure.

Scalp itching and scurf will cause hair loss.
There are many reasons for scalp itching, such as dry and sensitive scalp or hyperplasia of scurf funiclarin. If you have the problems of scalp itching, excessive scurf as well as other signs of hair loss, you should pay attention. If the hair follicles are damaged, the new hair will be fine and weak. If you don¡¦t take any measure at this time, hair loss will be resulted.

Oily scalp ¡V the signal of hair loss
There¡¦s nothing wrong with sebum, only in excess. Sebum is slightly acidic, providing an ¡§acid cortex¡¨ for the skin so as to kill noxious bacteria on the scalp and nourish hair and skin. It¡¦s essential for healthy scalp. However, you should be careful when there is too much secretion. Under a microscope, we can find that the sebum glands are just like grapes full of grease. When they are broken, the grease will be delivered onto hair follicles or skin. Once the oily scalp comes into being, it may finally cause hair loss, and at the end baldness.

Herbal trichological formula to repair and protect the scalp.
The natural and effective herbal essences of ¡§Corrective Treatments¡¨ are extracted from plant, which is mild and non-irritating. Based on the western trichological technologies and integrating the herbal essences from both Chinese and western medicines, the therapy has a combined effect and presents remarkable improvement on scalp problems.

Trichologists suggest that you should maintain the health of scalp and hair, avoid spicy and oily foods, uptake more Vitamin B and Vitamin E and get sufficient sleep. When you have any scalp problem, please turn to experts for help so that you can have a full understanding on the health conditions of your scalp!