At Svenson, natural herbal products are always a part of your tailor-made program to fight hair loss. For hundreds of years, throughout all Asia, people have been using all kinds of herbs for traditional hair protection.

In recent years, the natural organic foods and fragrant essential oils have become quite popular. Natural herbal essences are widely applied for health care. In the unique ¡§Corrective Treatments¡¨ of Svenson, the natural and effective herbal essences are extracted from plants and then prepared delicately, which is mild and non-irritating, having a remarkable effect on improvement of hair loss problems.

The following are some herbal ingredients applied in hair activation formulas.
Zigzag palm is used for male hair loss and North American raw hemp for female hair loss; aloe is often used in shampoo; the active ingredients in pepper may promote blood circulation in hair and scalp; chamomile can make hair smooth and soft; North American goldthread root has an antibiosis feature and can also be used in shampoo and for scalp health keeping; thistle can help to prevent cell damage, often used in shampoo and partial scalp health keeping products. According to the researches of trichologists, herbal ingredients favorable for the health of hair can also be found in other plants such as gingko, hop, yarrow, mistletoe, juniper and rosemary, etc.