Shampoo is not almighty
The main ingredient of shampoo is a cleaning agent (Surfactant) whose function is to clean grease and dirt on the surface of scalp. For people with hair loss problems, the scalp has already been in an unhealthy status. If they use shampoo with poor quality, the conditions will only worsen. For example, in some shampoos, a high density of sodium chloride (salt) is added to make the shampoo thicker. But the irritation thus caused will further hurt scalp and hair, making hair loss problems worse. Besides, the shampoo stays on the scalp for only a short period of time and then should be rinsed thoroughly. Can it really resist hair loss problems? I don't think so!

Advice from trichologists
Each person has different causes of hair loss and the conditions vary for each individual. As shown in research, there are over 46 reasons for hair loss. Only by finding out the reasons and receiving professional hair treatments can you effectively improve hair loss problems. Do not blindly believe that your hair loss problem can be improved by changing your shampoo. According to my experience, some people has only slight hair loss in an early stage, but deal to misuse of shampoo and off-the-shelf hair products, their hair loss problems are worsen.

When you have any problem of hair loss, turn to experts for help immediately. DoníŽt delay.