Mental stress is like a killer of health hiding in a secret place and eroding your health slowly. People always do not take any measure to release the stress until there is any physiological abnormality. ¡§Telogen Effluvium¡¨ is one of the physiological symptoms of long-term stress.

The growth of hair can be divided into three stages:
- Anagen stage,
- Catagen stage
- Telogen stage.

The proportion between hair in Anagen stage and Telogen stage is about 9:1. Hair in Anagen stage has the largest quantity and can keep alive for several years, while hair in Telogen stage can be alive for only several months. Hair in Catagen stage lives for the shortest period of time and has a smallest quantity. The life of hair starts from Anagen stage; then develops into Catagen stage and Telogen, repeating as a cycle. Once there is huge mental stress, the life cycle of hair will quickly turn from Anagen stage into Telogen stage and then a lot of hair will begin to drop off. Such a process will last for four to six months and that is ¡§Telogen Effluvium¡¨.

Too often, people neglect the impact of mental stress on the health of hair. Therefore, once Telogen Effluvium occurs, they will delay the time for hair activation just because they cannot find the real reason. Then, how to determine whether yourself have Telogen Effluvium problems or not? With advanced trichological technologies and in-depth analysis, Svenson will help you to understand the health conditions of your scalp and hair; find out the reasons for hair loss; tailor-made your treatment program and solve your hair loss problems.