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96% Svenson Clients See Improvement of Hair Loss


Lawrence Cheng Artist

Multi-talented Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui is a Hong Kong film actor, director, screenwriter, producer and master of ceremonies. Lawrence said that a hair loss problem can be a threat to his career especially in the appearance conscious entertainment sector. His experience of an expanding bald spot a decade ago was a turning point for the fate of his hair!

Many years ago, Lawrence shot a TV drama where he had to wear a wig. He didn’t clear the glue properly after filming and one day, he noticed a small bald spot on his scalp that worried him. Lawrence’s father and brother are balding, so he was naturally very concerned that he had an inherited propensity to hair loss.

After searching around for solutions, Lawrence was recommended to visit Svenson; he decided to have a trial. He has now been visiting Svenson for more than 10 years. He said that at the early stage of receiving treatment, he would visit his Svenson centre 2 to 3 times a week. Today, no matter how busy. he continues to visit his nearby centre once a week to maintain his hair. In addition to centre treatment, Lawrence also uses Svenson’s proprietary brands for home treatment daily use. He is free of worry about hair loss with professional help from Svenson, and keeps up regular centre visits because the results are visible.

Lawrence is more than satisfied with his hair condition and he mentioned his hair stylist is a good judge. “Every time my stylist cuts my hair, he says my hair is so manageable and easy to style.”

Svenson Hair Loss Success Stories - Lawrence Cheng
Svenson Hair Loss Success Stories - Keyman Ma

Keyman Ma Artist

Keyman advocates the movement of creating social change through sports, especially football. Keyman also plays soccer at an amateur level and says that he always washed his hair in a rush after the game resulting in weaker and thinner hair. Not until he sought Svenson’s help did he find out that shampooing daily didn’t mean that his scalp was cleansed thoroughly. Follicle blockage and oil residue were found under the electro-magnifier; worse still, excessive exposure to UV rays and the chemical treatment of perming and colouring had damaged Keyman’s scalp and hair.

After diagnosing Keyman’s hair loss causes, Svenson consultants put together a personalised hair care programme and also shared daily hair care tips. Keyman enjoys hair treatments at Svenson regularly as it relaxes him from heavy pressure and also frees him from the worry of hair loss. “I keep on visiting Svenson for hair treatments because it works on me! If you are worrying about hair thinning, talk to a Svenson expert. Be the next hair loss success story!”

Tse Tak Him Football Player

Tse Tak Him, known as Him, has long-suffered from injuries in football games which brought him massive stress and led to scalp problems – dandruff, flaky and irritated scalp – further upset him. By finding out the causes contributing to Him’s scalp problems, Svenson’s consultant prescribed in-centre hair treatments and home use hair care products to rescue Him’s scalp health.
“Dandruff has almost gone after just a couple of scalp deep-cleansing and personalised hair treatments! My hair dresser has also witnessed visible results!”

Svenson Hair Loss Success Stories - Tse Tak Him



“Only professional expertise can be trusted! After Svenson’s treatments, my scalp condition has significantly improved resulting in stronger newly grown hair! I also have much wider styling options now!”



“I was troubled by my post-natal hair loss, and the Svenson Hair Filler not only helped to lessen hair fall, it also reversed the process - hair is thicker."



“I would highly recommend Hair Filler treatment to anyone bothered by their hair loss. Not only are the treatments comfortable, even enjoyable, results are seen within a few sessions as new hair growth could be observed.”



"I've noticed hair fall has lessened considerably. This has definitely given me a boost in my confidence, something which is crucial in my line of work."


Every member of Svenson is devoted to bringing our clients the most effective hair revitalising experience. According to the results of our customer satisfactory survey carried out on clients completing Svenson’s hair care programmes, 100% of them are satisfied with healthier scalp conditions – overall improvement for oil excretion, dandruff, itchiness and pimples on scalp. Moreover, 96% agree their hair loss problems have been improved – stopped or slowed down.  Furthermore, 88% felt their hair has grown with more volume than before.

Healthier scalp

Hair loss improvement

Hair growth improvement

The above figures are derived from recent results of customer satisfactory survey of Svenson Hair Centres (Hong Kong) conducted among 106 male customers with hair loss patterns of Norwood Hamilton Classification I to 4A. 

*Treatment results and hair growth possibilities vary for different individuals. Customers are recommended to schedule a free consultation with a Svenson consultant to find out their need.




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