Stop excessive hair fall and receding hairline before it’s too late! Revive your crowning glory for thicker and denser hair with Svenson’s latest cutting-edge formulation—PDRN Therapy. It’s goodbye to thinning hair, and hello to full, luscious locks!


and multi growth factors, with proven efficacy in hair follicles stimulation, this formulation awakens, boost and stimulate hair stem cells to promote fuller and thicker hair while kick-starting new hair growth.


A PATENTED METHOD OF CELL CULTURING and extraction of functional biomolecules such as growth factors, peptides, lipids, and amino acids. These biomolecules are vital mediators of cell-to-cell communication for cellular repair or regeneration. The Exosome Therapy biomolecules in the PDRN Therapy are of a comprehensive profile to promote a healthy hair cycle, and it is further enhanced with other key active ingredients in the solution:


PDRN is also known as Salmon DNA - a potent bio-stimulator that aids in cell repair and rejuvenation when delivered to scalp. Its high bioavailability ensures it is readily absorbed by hair roots and follicles to stimulate new growth of healthier, lusher locks.


This extract is known to revive thick hair growth, in light of its ability to increase the size of hair follicles. The melanocytes, the stem cells in follicles responsible for your hair colour, in follicles are also reactivated to prevent premature greying hair strands.


A synergistic blend of biomimetic peptides engineered to stimulate growth factors; to promote hair follicle stem cells and strengthen the hair bulb. Peptides are important to attain healthy hair as it causes cell behaviour changes such as inhibiting DHT formation, prevent follicle miniaturisation, and promote healthier hair growth.

The latest "PDRN Activator" and "PDRN Intense" therapies 

target the early and advanced stages of hair loss respectively. They were conceived using the most advanced ingredients and sophisticated scientific technology to rebalance the hair growth cycle for denser and thicker hair. This formulation also prevents premature greying hair strands.

For the early stage (1-3) of hair loss:

Stage 1:

Unnoticeable hair thinning

Stage 2:

Hair thinning & M-shaped hairline

Stage 3:

Visible balding & recession of the hairline to form M, U & V shapes

Normal hair can grow 3-6 years. However, over secretion and activation of DHT will affect hair growth - slow down and shorter in lifespan.

After PDRN Activator treatment, weak hair improves significantly, new hair grows thicker and healthier, and hair growth cycle can be prolonged.

For the advanced stage (4-6) of hair loss:

Stage 4:

Massive hair loss at the back of the head

Stage 5:

Horseshoe or U-shaped hairline at the crown of your scalp

Stage 6:

Visible scalp & enlarged bald patch

Majority of hairs enter the resting stage, the hair metabolism will become imbalanced, at the same time hair will become thinner and sparser. When the situation worsen, the weak hair can only stay for couple of weeks. Unfortunately each hair root only has around 25 times of regeneration cycle, when it is finished, hair root dead and regrowth of hair is unlikely.

After PDRN Activator treatment, the hair growth cycle can be prolonged, the hair density increases, and the hair becomes thicker. It can activate melanin stem cells to prevent and reduce early grey hair.


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