1. Hair Tips - Ensuring Protection and Moisturising for Lustrous Hair
  2. Hair Tips - Ensuring Protection and Moisturising for Lustrous Hair
  3. In the winter, the cold and low humidity make hair become dry and prone to splitting, and our scalp can become itchy and sensitive and cause dandruff. In the run-up to Chinese New Year in particular, we perm and colour our hair to a new hairstyle. Here are three practical tips to give our hair support against the elements:

    Choose a moisturising hair care product to tackle dry and prone-to-splitting hair problems. Keep your hair and scalp hydrated to reduce damage by friction.
    Consider washing your hair in warm water, not hot. Hot shower water can wash off the natural sebum layer leaving your hair prone to later itchiness, even dandruff. A further tip is to rinse your hair in 37℃~40℃ water temperature. If an itchy scalp persists, professional scalp care products can be used to effectively relieve scalp itch and dryness.
    Dandruff is caused by the shedding of dead skin cells. Under the guidance of an expert, you can choose the appropriate professional shampoo and regular treatment to make the scalp clean and healthy. However, excessive dandruff may be a problem of dermatitis, which makes the surrounding skin sensitive and reddish and inflamed. In this situation, you must pay attention on daily diet, including quitting milk products, sugar and chocolate, etc. Besides, a personalised treatment containing juniper or eucalyptus oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial option.

    To meet the needs of the different hair seasons, Svenson offers the right professional pairing solution to best protect your hair.

  1. Hair Myth - Is hair alive or dead?
  2. Hair Myth - Is hair alive or dead?
  3. Hair grows from hair follicles and is a metabolite of the body. From a scientific point of view, hair is lifeless. Despite this, the hair grows out of the living hair follicles. When the body absorbs enough nutrients, the remaining nutrients are supplied to the hair follicles. The hair follicles absorb the nutrients and oxygen in the blood to produce hair.

    1) Scalp. It’s most important the scalp is clear of excess sebum, dead cells (scurf and dandruff) and hair product residue. Svenson’s personalised treatments, as a regular monthly appointment, will give you a deep-cleansed scalp, stimulate the follicles and help repel DHT build-up, a main cause of a shriveled roots leading to hair loss.

    2) Diet. Pay attention to nutritional balance. Strong hair growth needs nutrients (and oxygen) from the blood stream. We need to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, eat more protein-rich fish, soybean, eggs, lean meat, as well as seaweed and shellfish rich in trace elements. A diet rich in vitamin B2, B6 spinach and bananas help increase the blood circulation of the hair follicles and the metabolism of the cells, thus strengthening the hair.

  1. Treatments - Hair treatment to keep follicles flourishing in a dry, cold winter
  2. Treatments - Hair treatment to keep follicles flourishing in a dry, cold winter
  3. Svenson offers a range of treatments to keep your healthy and glossy in winter. Three purification nourishing treatments help to invigorate the follicles and allow your hair roots to absorb more nutrients:

    AP23 Scalp Lotion

    Contains Punica Granatum extract, which has an antibacterial effect, helps remove oils and dandruff, while deep cleansing and soothing the scalp. Provides nutrients to the hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

    APT Amino Peptide Solution

    Containing amino acid peptide, it can strengthen hair growth, promote keratin production, increase hair thickness; cooperate with growth peptide to effectively promote the formation of new blood vessels, increase the nutritional supply of hair follicles, and repair damaged hair. Plus the necessary vitamins including biotin (vitamin H), vitamin Bs, C, A, to keep the scalp and hair healthy, reducing the risk of hair loss.

    High concentration CO2 water

    Rich in carbon dioxide, it is good for an oily scalp, dandruff, perm or bleached hair and damaged, sensitive hair and dermatitis. Controls pH balance, moisturizes the hair, making the scalp better able to absorb fresh oxygen and nutrition to prevent dryness of the scalp.

  1. Products - Recommended formulations of Svenson’s home care series.
  2. Products - Recommended formulations of Svenson’s home care series.
  3. Nourishing Hair Densifier Shampoo

    The patented peptide, developed over 13 years, has been clinically proven to promote hair growth, activate and strengthen hair and scalp conditions, and create a healthy environment for hair repair. It can effectively remove accumulated dirt from the scalp without damaging the natural sebum layer.

    Capacity: 250ml
    Retail Price: $280

    Defence Hair Booster Nutrition Pack

    Contains biotin, silk protein, coconut oil and olive oil to provide the hair with the nutrients it needs. Apply a proper amount to the scalp and hair, gently massage, nourish from the roots to the end of the hair, protect hair health, showing a long-lasting lustre and hair smoothness.

    Capacity: 150ml
    Retail Price: $420

    Balance Sebum Control Tonic

    Natural ingredients to gently exfoliate and sweep away skin detritus creating a clear scalp ecology for hair growth. Helps achieve water and oil balance, prevents hair follicle blockage and prolongs the hair growth cycle.

    Capacity: 100ml
    Retail Price: $380

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