Leading the fight against hair loss, Svenson now introduces Follicells Growth Activator 55, with 55 amino acids that naturally promotes cell protection and the repairing process. Expect denser, healthier hair in just 12 weeks!

Hair Stem Cell Booster

Researchers have identified that DHT inducible IL-6 is a key modulator of hair loss; activating its inhibition within hair follicles has long been a trichological problem. This has now been achieved with Follicells Growth Activator 55. It blocks IL-6 formation and, in result, increases the follicle’s healthy stem cells, trigging growth of new, more lustrous hair.

Hair Recovery Programme with Proven Results

Studies have shown that after 12 weeks of treatment with Follicells Growth Activator 55, hair stem cells are increased 70% *. A growing number of Svenson clients have seen a noticeable return of hair growth with our treatment programme, tailored to individual needs.

* Treatment results may vary

How Stem Cell Reactivation Helps Stop Hair Loss

Hair regrowth is significantly dependent on Hair Follicle Epithelial Stem Cells found in the bulb of the hair follicle. These generally remain dormant throughout adult life, but they are important. Profiling of hair follicle stem cells reveal several receptors and signaling pathways important for healthier hair growth.

Follicells Growth Activator 55 is at the frontiers of trichological research. Svenson has found the Activator delivers significant results by decreasing the level of IL-6 to stimulate new hair growth, particularly when allied to Svenson advanced technology that helps to stimulate the scalp and deliver peptides and nutrients to rejuvenate the entire follicle.

The healthier the hair follicle, the stronger your hair will grow. Svenson’s brand-new Plasonic Active Hair Technology provides both plasma transmission and ultrasound technology, a symbiotic system to rejuvenate hair follicles.

Plasonic stably outputs a vibration frequency of 3 million pulses per second to strengthen and consolidate the absorption capacity of cells. It penetrates the cell adhesion molecules that connect skin cells, enhancing absorption power, and restoring the vitality of the hair follicles. It also comes with deep-cleansing power to completely remove ageing cells to significantly improve absorption as well as bring new vitality to hair follicles. Furthermore, it stimulates blood circulation and locks in nutrients to provide the ideal environment for hair growth.

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