Svenson Hair has brought trichology to clients the world over for 60 years. Our trichologists were proud to participate in the 11th World Congress Hair Research Convention (WCHR) in Barcelona this April, 2019. They shared expertise on the latest hair and scalp research, helping Svenson to make plans for our clients in giving healthier hair growth.

Trichoscopy – an important tool in hair & scalp assessment 

Trichoscoph provides the fastest and most accurate method of diagnosing hair and scalp disorders without invasive biopsies. The technique is very useful to differentiate symptoms and the mechanisms of how the symptom will evolve, leading to a swift diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Monitoring criteria based on scientific data such as hair density index, number of follicles and such to make advances for systematic reviews on hair and scalp conditions.

In-Depth Hair Analysis (IDHA)

Svenson was the first in southeast Asia to procure a data driven trichoscopy device – the In-Depth Hair Analysis (IDHA) technology to diagnose and monitor hair and scalp issues. The IDHA report empowers you with factual findings to identify symptoms, or to monitor actual progress of your current hair growth treatment programme without taking out any hair. Complemented with Svenson’s team of experienced Trichologists, the IDHA trichoscopy technology enables you to take more affirmative action on your hair and scalp health based on data. 

Stem cells reactivate hair growth from Telogen

Hair regrowth is dependent on Hair Follicle Epithelial Stem Cells (HFSCs) which are found in both the bulb region and papilla of a hair follicle. HFSCs respond to signals from the nervous system, body cells and adipose tissue, which allows them to adapt to environmental changes. Stress is one of the examples as hair root is responding to the body’s signals of high level of stress. HFSCs found in the bulb area usually remain dormant throughout most of adult life. It is proven that following skin wounding, bulb stem cells would leave the bulb area and contribute to the healing of epidermis. This leads to the possibility of exploring therapy options that emulate skin wounding slightly, just enough to stimulate and activate the stem cells from the bulb area to rejuvenate the entire follicle – such as derma-rollers. This exciting discovery opens new doors to possibilities on regenerative medicine, and further validates existing therapies which engage mechanical simulation since cellular processes can be manipulated through it.

From preventive assessment to the latest stem cell technology, Svenson has been committed to enhance treatment efficacy and to customize the most effective treatment programme for each client.

Hair is made up of proteins, and proteins are made up of amino acids that are critical to hair growth. For example, cysteine is an important component of the hair structure "keratin"; methionine helps strengthen hair and prevent white hair; lysine can increase iron absorption and is rich in amino acids to effectively improve hair thinning and prevent hair loss.

Follicells Growth Activator 55

Containing 55 amino acids that naturally promote cell protection and the repairing process. Follicells Growth Activator 55 blocks IL-6 formation. DHT inducible IL-6 is a key modulator of hair loss, and, in result, increases the follicle’s healthy stem cells, trigging growth of new, more lustrous hair. Studies have shown that after 12 weeks of treatment with Follicells Growth Activator 55, hair stem cells are increased 70% *. With Svenson’s advanced technology, noticeable return of hair growth!

Transfer 200 System

Utilising the latest fractional technology, RF energy is divided into micron size and emitted through 22 multi-polar gold-plated electrodes. This technology combines the advantages of both “RF Treatment” and “Fractional Laser”. It can rapidly stimulate collagen and elastin reconstruction and stimulate skin to repair itself. It integrates RF, MTS, serum induction treatments and grants triple synergetic effect which has stimulating, nourishing all-in-one treatment results.

Yes. There’s a huge variety of hair care products on the market for hair touch up. Many hair care products contain a lot of harmful chemicals. For example, the key ingredients of hairspray are plastics, gums and alcohol, and hair gel is made of ethylene glycol (plasticizer). They may make a short-term improvement to your hairstyle, but they can do long-term harm. Below we look at how to avoid this longer-term hair damage.

Your scalp secretes sweat and oil every day; this can breed bacteria. The chemical contamination of hair products can further block the hair follicles and cause itchiness, sores and even lead to hair loss. The best suggestion is to give your hair a through shampoo every day, with the following extra tip.

Try using a pre-shampoo to deep cleanse the scalp before shampooing hair. Pre-shampoo helps to dissolve residual chemicals, remove excess oil and dirt from hair thoroughly and enhance the cleaning efficacy of the shampoo itself.
Use different deep cleansing treatments and equipment in response to hair and head conditions. Svenson hair treatment is formulated with natural herbal remedies to regulate hair oil secretion and soothe sensitiveness. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy effects. It can improve the health of the scalp and correct various hair problems.

Wondering how to keep a trendy look by bunching up hair in summer time? Recently, the craze of ‘perming baby hair on hairline’ has become popular in Japan and South Korea. This is done by sweeping upwards baby hair from three positions in the forehead, bun and back neck to make them slightly curl up to achieve contouring and shading effective. However, bunching hair with inadequate hair volume may expose scalp thereby detracting from this young look.

To keep a younger look and a slim face, HAIRFIX nano hair can help. It is a breakthrough biomimetic technology from Korea. HAIRFIX nano hair undetectably volumizes your own hair for instant fuller hair naturally! Partially add HAIRFIX nano hair to match with your own hair and facial contours to improve hairstyle. Your hair will look more fluffy and thick than before and give a younger look instantly.

Upon consultation, new customers enjoy:
  • FREE professional hair and scalp analysis
  • Just $5,500 for 24 sessions of hair treatment and 1 set of home care product*, including pre-shampoo, shampoo and hair conditioner. (Highest value reach $8,930)
  • Trial price $3,800 for HAIRFIX and Treatments Combo, includes: 1 sessions of deep cleansing equipment + 1 sessions of personalised hair treatment* + 600 strands of HAIRFIX
    Free 1 bottle of DEFENCE HAIR BOOSTER NUTRITION PACK 150ml (Original Price $420)^

* Consultant to recommend suitable treatments and products subject to client’s hair and scalp condition. 
^ Available while stocks last.

The promotion is valid till 31 Aug 2019.

Terms and conditions:
  • Applies to newly registered customers of Svenson Hair Centre (Hong Kong & Macau).
  • Svenson reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.

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