Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA) is the progressive loss of hair on the scalp near the forehead – the hairline. FFA diagnostic knowledge has increased dramatically worldwide, and is now suggesting a high correlation between FFA and absorbed facial products. A recent study revealed that 88% of subjects who reported more frequent use of sunscreen –containing products had FFA as compared to the control group with 29%. This discovery is further exacerbated with the rise of a nanoparticle-sized formula for further absorption. Common chemical sunscreen ingredients have also been found to be easily absorbed into the skin.  Here are some tips to prevent a receding hairline, while caring for your skin:

Use a physical and natural sunscreen

There are two types of sun protection products for topical use – Chemical and Physical. The former is a chemical formulation of key ingredients which penetrate the skin to absorb UVA rays to prevent skin damage, whereas physical sunscreens are formulated to physically block and reflect harmful UV rays by sitting atop the skin. The FDA only recognises two key ingredients as generally safe and effective for sun filter use – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Cleanse thoroughly with the right shampoo

Be sure to not neglect your hairline when shampooing as it is often overlooked. Especially after a hot, sweaty day, shampooing at least once a day is recommended to ensure all sebum and dead cell build-up on the scalp surface is cleansed. Try Svenson’s Balance Sebum Control Shampoo – featuring a proprietary Ayurvedica mix and Tiolisina Complex to effectively cleanse your scalp of stubborn build-up and excess sebum.

Seek deep-cleansing treatment monthly

Regular deep-cleansing treatments in response to hair and scalp conditions are effective in thorough deep-cleansing of hair follicles. The natural herbal formula acts effectively as an anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial booster. Regulates sebaceous secretion and improves scalp condition for a healthy hair growth environment; also corrects various other hair problems.

Studies have confirmed that long-term mental stress will reduce the production of oestrogen, and the relative proportion of androgen will increase, causing greater DHT, the main cause of hair loss. Scalp becomes greasy which block hair follicles and shortens the hair growth cycle, and accelerate hair loss. Nowadays, societal and work-life balance pressures are contributing to stress, and therefore hair loss problems. 

Conduct anti-DHT hair treatment 

Revolutionary biochemical research results determine that peptides can block DHT formation, thus promoting hair root vigour. Svenson’s treatments can deliver a potent mix of natural ingredients to the hair follicles, helping repair weak hair roots, activate the cells, and effectively prolong the hair growth cycle.

Establish good eating habits

To deal with hair loss problems caused by hormonal imbalance, you can start with reinforcing your dietary habits. Soy milk, soy products, walnuts and sesame are good supplementary nutrition for hair. Sufficient rest, exercise habits and work-life balance are good for hair growth. Yoga is one of the recommended exercises for hair growth; it can promote blood circulation, relieve stress, and improve sleep.

There are various hair care centres in the market. As a consumer, how do you choose a good one? The following requirements are recommended for you to make your decision. Strict screening on hair care can ensure that the hair is properly treated, so that hair can grow stronger and heathier.

Expertise of staff

Be sure to find out more about the experience and background of the Trichologist or consultant you’re speaking with at the centre. Long experience would come in very handy in assessing hair growth issues and progress. Look for the certifications the team has such as membership at The Institute of Trichologists (UK) or The Asian Society of Trichologist to ensure you’ll get professional analysis and advice. Equipment is as important. Svenson is constantly enhancing its technology and formulations to ensure customers get the best the industry has to offer for hair and scalp care.

Quantifying tools to diagnose and monitor progress

Through diagnostic data and monitoring equipment to evaluate the treatment progress so as to carry out treatment adjustments for optimal result. Svenson uses IDHA – a scalp assessment tool with quantifiable data such as thickness of hair shaft, number of strands per follicular unit and more to diagnose and monitor progress.

Quality service

Each staff member in a centre has a role to play. He or she should include therapists with service excellence to ensure customers get the top-rate treatment they expect, to accurate and ready access to communication from the consultant or Trichologist. All members of the hair centre should work synergistically to ensure a customer experiences the expertise of each role, from customer service excellence to interaction with technical expertise upon treatment.

Word of mouth

The best form of recommendation is always word of mouth. Be sure to ask around friends or colleagues about the centre you’d like to visit. Don’t just take their words as gold; evaluate their feedback with your own experience when visiting the centre. Remember, what may work for others may not work for you. It’s always best to prepare any questions to be clarified, and ask them yourself at point of contact.

Are you suffering from frequent scalp problems, such as itchiness, dryness, dandruff? Any scalp is fertile ground for bacteria, the origin of most scalp and hair problems. Svenson’s latest treatment - Rescue Dandruff Control Treatment is specially formulated for dandruff, sensitive scalp such as bacterial infection or inflammation. Up to 85% of customers get satisfactory improvement after enjoying this treatment. With a full range of professional home care products, the effect can be faster, more significant and more comprehensive.


Containing PIROCTONE OLAMINE and TEA TREE LEAF OIL as key actives, it is effective in destroying fungi on the scalp, improving dandruff problems and normalizing the scalp for dandruff prevention. Balance and re-nourish the scalp to suppress itchiness and maintain a dandruff free scalp and provide comfort to inflamed, itchy and scaly scalp.


Intensive treatment shampoo for stubborn dandruff or scalp irritation issues such as bacterial infection or inflammation. It contains Sulphur which is effective in preventing bacterial growth and especially in destroying fungi on the scalp, without causing dryness to hair.


A gentle and effective cleansing shampoo to relieve scalp itchiness, dryness or irritation caused by dandruff. Provides comfort to an inflamed scalp. Active ingredients such as Tea Tree Leaf cleanses, unclogs and gently applies a natural disinfectant to hair follicles to inhibit bacterial growth.


Normalise scalp conditions and prevent new dandruff formation or further irritations. Specially formulated with PIROCTONE OLAMINE, TEA TREE LEAF OIL, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract. Effectively softens, removes dry flakes and excess sebum for an all-round healthy scalp. Treat dandruff, re-nourish hair and prevent recurrence of dandruff in one go!

Upon consultation, new customers enjoy:

  • FREE professional hair and scalp analysis
  • Trial price$1,800 *
    • cleansing equipment + 4 sessions of personalize hair care treatment * (Original $3,520)
    • Free 1 bottle of 100ml professional formulated shampoo^

*Consultant to recommend suitable treatments and products subject to client's hair and scalp condition.
^Available while stocks last.
Offer ends on 30 September 2019.

Terms and conditions:
  • Applies to newly registered customers of Svenson Hair Centre (Hong Kong & Macau).
  • Svenson reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.

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