Generally, yes. At least the colder, drier weather is often likely to lead to a deterioration of your hair and scalp condition. Unless, and this is crucial, you take the necessary steps to adjust to colder days and nights in respect to body and lifestyle changes. Our winters are short – only a couple of months - but we have to be adaptable to ensure the continued growth of healthy hair.

Dry weather and low humidity depresses the thirst we have in the heat of summer. 

Yet we must keep up our hydration levels. Our hair is a sensitive part of our biosphere and we must maintain sufficient water intake to meet bodily needs.

Pay attention to water temperature while shampooing. 

In cold weather, over-heated water will wash out the natural sebum on the scalp, which may make your scalp dry and itchy and produce dandruff. It’s best to use only warm water to wash hair.

Our metabolism will slow down. 

In the winter, the body's metabolism is slower than in the summer, and the micro-circulation of the scalp will also slow down. Together with a reduced amount of exercise, the ability of the capillaries to transport and absorb nutrients will decrease. It is recommended to massage the scalp in moderation every day.

Choose a suitable shampoo. 

At any time, you should choose a shampoo according to your scalp condition. Scalp and hair are dry in autumn and winter and need extra moisturising. Use a shampoo with heightened moisturising, deep repair and nourishing qualities.

Hair grows up from the roots of the hair follicles, and each hair follicle has an individual growth cycle. Each produces new hair that goes through different stages of growth and then naturally falls out, after a period of 2 to 5 years.

Three cycle stages

The normal metabolism of the human body can cause natural hair fall-out of 20-100 hairs daily. The hair growth cycle can be divided into (1) Anagen phase, hair grows from hair follicle cells for 2 to 5 years; then (2) Catagen phase, the hair follicle cells gradually stop to differentiate for about 1 to 2 weeks; finally, during the (3) Telogen phase, the hair stops growing but remains attached to the hair root for about 5 to 6 weeks. After that, the hair follicles return to the Anagen phase, grow new hair and push the unshed old hair out of the hair follicle, and the three stages continue to rotate.

Hair growth rate

Everyone's hair growth rate is different. Lack of nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins will slow the speed of hair growth. An oily scalp is a common hair problem. Also, particularly in men, testosterone is metabolised to DHT by the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase resulting in weak hair roots and shortening the hair growth cycle. Hair can also become weak, short and withered. Once the hair loss rate is faster than the hair growth rate, hair loss will form.

To improve the scalp condition and the hair loss problem in winter, the new "PLC Placenta Restorative Treatment" can fully nourish scalp and hair roots, and prolong the hair growth cycle and maintain healthy and lustrous hair.

Anti-dandruff and itchiness, prevent hair loss

Placenta has been widely used as cosmetic functions. It is also good for hair and nourishes the scalp. The hydrolysed placental protein extract can be quickly absorbed, provides rich nutrients, increases capillary elasticity for improved hydration and oxygenation of tissue, It improves various scalp problems including itchiness, dandruff and dryness, so that the hair can be prevented from drought and prevent hair loss.

Promotes collagen proliferation and helps hair growth 

Electroporation, TDSM safely delivers active ingredients to the dermis by improving the solution’s penetration and skin’s absorption abilities. Promotes collagen proliferation, repairs and regenerates cells at the same time, effectively strengthening damaged hair roots to prolong the hair growth cycle.

Want hair to be shinier and more beautiful at Christmas? Specially prepared for you, the professional formulated home care product, the best gift for friends and family or for your own use.


The key ingredient, Loquat Leaf Extract, contains Corosolic Acid, which prevents hair loss by inhibiting enzyme 5 alpha-reductase from converting testosterone to DHT. PLGA NANOTECHNOLOGY allows delivery of active ingredients into the follicles, right where nourishment is needed. Nourishes follicles to promote hair growth-transforming thinning condition to a more voluminous and healthy state. Keeps hair in growing state.


With 10 active ingredients including 3 patented biomimetic peptides, these hair re-growth actives provide nutrients to scalp and hair roots for healthier hair growth. Inhibit depigmentation of hair.

2 vitamins to provide nutrition to hair cortex and increase blood circulation to nourish hair follicles. 5 natural plant extracts to block DHT, strengthen hair follicles and clean and soothe the scalp.


Rejuvenate and strengthen hair from root to tip with this enriched hair pack, chocked full of essential nutrients and hair fortifying active ingredients. Hair is protected, and rendered radiant and soft overtime with this holistic nutrition pack.

Upon consultation, new customers enjoy:

  • FREE professional hair and scalp analysis
  • Trial price$1,800 *
    • cleansing equipment + 4 sessions of personalize hair care treatment * (Original $3,520)
    • Free 1 bottle of 100ml professional formulated shampoo^

*Consultant to recommend suitable treatments and products subject to client's hair and scalp condition.
^Available while stocks last.
Offer ends on 31 December 2019.

Terms and conditions:
  • Applies to newly registered customers of Svenson Hair Centre (Hong Kong & Macau).
  • Svenson reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.

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