Stars and Press Feature

Kevin Chu, Chu Kam Yin (Artist)
Hair Concerns

As a artist, Svenson helps to keep his hair with enough volume to cope with different styling needs.

Ng Ka Long, Angus (Athlete)
Hair Concerns

Svenson is a good place to keep his scalp relax and fuller his hair with regard to his daily busy training.

Cheng Chun Wan, Frederick (Artist)
Hair Concerns

Regarding to dramas and shows, he often changes into different styles. His scalp easily becomes dry and even dandruff appears. Svenson solved his hair troubles.

Jade Lam ・Youtuber
Hair Concerns

After giving birth to a baby, she suffered from hair loss. Svenson's personalized treatment solved her hair loss's problem .

Kwong Kit Ying, Judy (Artist)
Hair Concerns

As a artist, she has to maintain different looks in front of the camera, Svenson can help her to keep hair fuller and healthier to cope with different styling needs.

Keyman Ma ・Sports Commentator
Hair Concerns

Svenson take care his hair for many years, he always feel confident with its service and treatment.

Chan Wai Suen, Kira (Singer)
Hair Concerns

During the process of participating in different competitions, the invisible pressure caused her to lose hair. Svenson'ss customized treatment solved her hair loss problem.

Cheng Tan Shui, Lawrence (Artist)
Hair Concerns

He is loyalty customers of Svenson since 1999. Svenson keep his hair always healthy.

Ho Kwong Pui, Matthew (Artist)
Hair Concerns

As a artist, Svenson can help him keep his hair with enough volume to cope with different styling needs.

Manson Lam・Youtuber
Hair Concerns

He used to think that washing his hair daily was enough, but it turns out that he neglected to do hair treatment.

Natalie Fong・Youtuber
Hair Concerns

Her hair is long and fuller but it turns out that she requires to have regular hair treatment.

Yeung Lok Ting, Rabeea (Artist)
Hair Concerns

Her hair is fuller and healthy after giving birth to her 2 babies as Svenson keeps her hair and scalp in good condition.

Spoon Chan (Youtuber)
Hair Concerns

Her hair was weak on the sides, with the help of Svenson, her hair now has a lot of volume.

Sue Chang (Youtuber)
Hair Concerns

Being a multi-tasking mom, her hair is still so fuller and healthy after giving birth to her 2 daugthers as Svenson keeps her hair and scalp in good condition.

Press Feature

The best wellness treatments in Hong Kong: 8 pre- and post-holiday treatments

World-leading trichologist Svenson has launched a series of nourishing hair treatments tailored to cooler climates for the winter season. Opened in Hong Kong over 50 years ago, this London-based hair care brand employs a team of certified trichologists who specialise in holistic hair and scalp care, targeting common hair concerns such as fine and weak hair, alopecia, baldness, oily and sensitive scalp and postnatal hair issues.

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Scalp Care Tips: Solve 8 Common Scalp Issues, Say Goodbye to Dryness and Oiliness, and Achieve Healthy Hair Easily

When used together, these products effectively repair fragile hair strands during the dry season, leaving your hair healthy and radiant for a long-lasting effect.

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Causes of Hair Thinning | Common Factors for Women's Hair Loss? Tips to Reduce Hair Shedding! How to Coordinate Diet and Lifestyle?

Many people are facing the problem of hair thinning, especially in today's high-stress lifestyle, environmental pollution, and unhealthy habits, which contribute to a trend of premature hair loss. Hair loss can significantly impact a person's appearance and self-image, causing psychological distress. Therefore, it's worth considering the insights shared by trichologist Kim Fong to understand the causes, effects, effective treatments, and care methods for hair thinning. Additionally, coordinating diet and lifestyle habits can also play a role in improving the issue.

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Hair today and hopefully tomorrow

After a consultation, he was given a deep-cleaning treatment by certified trichologists - or professional hair and scalp specialists - and emerged with shiny hair that looked thicker. Six sessions of this treatment is available for HK$980. Customers can pick from 6 options: Ion Pro-Booster(IPB), Deep Purifying Cleansing(DP), High Concentration CO2 Water Therapy(CO2),Duo Hydrogen(HP), Ozone(Free Advanced Formula) and Cap(Free Advanced Formula).

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Men's Scalp Care | Dryness and Hair Loss Solution! Svenson Introduces Autumn-Winter Hair Wellness Selection

As the year comes to an end, not only does the weather become dry, but increased work stress can also trigger the secretion of cortisol, inhibiting blood circulation to the hair follicles, resulting in weakened scalp and even hair loss! Svenson, the renowned British hair care expert, has recently launched the "Autumn-Winter Hair Wellness Selection" at a promotional price of HK$980 in their Hong Kong hair care center. Through a three-step process of cleansing, moisturizing, and sterilization, this selection aims to improve sensitive scalps and bid farewell to common hair loss issues faced by urban dwellers.

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Causes of Hair Loss Revealed! How to Improve and Reduce Hair Shedding through Diet? 8 Recommended Hair Loss Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

Dedicated to studying hair loss issues, the use of advanced active ingredients, combined with the latest and most cutting-edge cellular signaling patent technology, strengthens fragile hair comprehensively. It also promotes new hair growth and continuous growth, effectively activates melanocyte stem cells, thereby preventing premature graying of hair.

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The best Christmas gifts for men

For the man who values a healthy head of hair, give them a gift that will take care of their hair and scalp. Leading trichologist centre Svenson is offering a special festive gift set complete with products that provide a comprehensive solution for nourishing the hair. The package includes a Prorepair Restore Shampoo, designed to revive brittle and weak hair, a Prorepair Conditioning Cream with Biomimetic Keratin, olive oil, and ProVitamin B5 to provide moisture and prevent UV damage, and Prorepair Nourishing Shine Drops with Argan oil to reverse the signs of scalp ageing.

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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend Recommendations 2023 | Top 27 Practical Gifts He Would Love to Receive! Must-Have Skincare/Electronic Products for Men.
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Sleigh the holidays with these Christmas gifts in Hong Kong!

Take your locks from lacklustre to show-stopping this season with Svenson’s limited-edition Festive Fabulous Gift Set. The premier London brand in hair and scalp care has curated this trio of repairing essentials at an exclusive price, making it the perfect present for glamorous hair. Featuring the transformative Prorepair shampoo, nourishing drops, and cream conditioner, this set restores dry strands to a healthy, voluminous state. This holiday, give the gift of salon-quality hair with Svenson’s effective formulas – just in time for the fancy parties and Instagrammable moments!

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Top 26 Hair Loss Prevention Shampoos in 2024! Recommended Shampoos for Improving Hair Thinning, Suitable for Both Men and Women! Includes Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo Consumer Council Test Results!

These shampoos have unique dual-action formulas that help fight against weak and thinning hair while preventing premature graying. The formulas contain a combination of multi-active ingredients, including biomimetic peptides, highly effective antioxidants, and anti-DHT factors. Through their synergistic effects, they continuously prevent hair loss, activate hair follicle stem cells, and strengthen hair for robust growth.

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Best Hair-Loss Treatments

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