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INDIBA® technology benefits from patented Proionic® System, applying a specific frequency of 448kHz through the tissues, achieve results from hair strengthening, hair redensification on and hair loss.
Thermal Effect:
Promote Blood Flow for encouraging essential nutrients to hair follicles
Sub-thermal Effect:
Stimulate Stem-cells regeneration for promoting tissues regeneration and repair
Treatment works on:
  • Boost Cell Revitalization
  • Activate Hair Follicle regeneration
  • Promote Blood Circulation
It packs a punch with the benefits of hydrogen, ozone, and hyaluronic acid to achieve the following hair goals.:
  • Boost Collagen Production
  • Improve Scalp Health
  • Accelerate Hair Growth
A naturally occurring molecule found in at least 99% of all matter, Hydrogen has great anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and exfoliating properties - excellent for cleansing the scalp and repairing damaged cells. Due to its micro molecules’ ability to remove buildup effectively, hair roots are further nourished, rejuvenated, and protected. This key active works to improve collagen production and actively search out harmful free radicals to remove them effectively. Hydrogen nourishes your hair & scalp more effectively compared to:
176X more effective than Vitamin C
431X more effective than Vitamin E
863X more effective than Q10
A mist that eradicates bacteria and accumulated debris in even the tiniest of openings such as the hair follicle. During the treatment process, Plasma is generated to destroy all bacteria to keep acne at bay, balance the scalp’s pH levels - all without causing further irritation
Well-known for its hydrating properties, Hyaluronic Acid works on moisturising the scalp from the inside out to build a protective, healthy skin barrier; effective in preventing a dry and scaly scalp, irritating flakes will also be a thing of the past! The powerful ingredient also works rapidly to increase collagen production and the rejuvenation process of hair roots to delay premature greying strands.
STEP 1: Smooth
Its Amino Oil smooth damaged cuticles.
STEP 2: Hydrate
Infuses moisture to the hair.
STEP 3: Topcoat
Collagen seals the moisture of hair, improve hair texture instantly, making it silky smooth and soft.
  • Promotes collagen and moisture supply to hair root
  • Prevents abnormal hair breakage
  • Nourish & repair the damaged hair cuticle
FILLER ADVANCED II IS POWERED BY astate-of-the-art combination of SP1-Technology™ and BiCelphin Technology™ along with a carefully selected blend of peptides to not only nourish hair roots from deep within but also boost cell regeneration.Clinically proven to achieve thicker and denser hair in just 12 weeks, the Filler Advanced II Treatment is offered with a full money-back guarantee as our confidence is equally matched with our genuine dedication in helping you achieve fuller hair.
State-of-the-art trademarked biotechnology SP1- Technology™ and BICelphin Technology™ are scientifically proven to ensure absorption of peptides into the deeper layers of the scalp to effectively nourish hair roots and boost cell regeneration, for fuller hair.
When it comes to your crowning glory, trust in the science that goes behind the Filler Advanced II. Rigorous clinical trials were conducted on its efficacy showed encouraging results in as little as 4 weeks:
An increase in scalp skin barrier elasticity due to increased collagen production helps to slow down scalp aging – effectively extending hair lifespan and strengthening roots.
A denser scalp dermal layer is essential for effective absorption of formulas as scalp barrier retains moisture better, and microcirculation to follicles is improved.
Source: Bioceltran
It experiences the difference as the potent peptide complex courses through your hair and scalp to:
  • Boost hair follicle size and stem cell regeneration
  • Promote absorption of key actives to hair roots
  • Prevent premature hair fall and scalp aging
  • Reactivate and maintain hair growth cycle
A bio-engineered complex of Copper Tripeptides, with the ability to work beneath the outer layer of skin, to help boost collagen production deep within the tissues to prevent cell ageing and increase the regeneration of healthy hair cells.
One of the most powerful peptides that is an antioxidant amplifier to protect skin against pollutants, as well as to increase reparative work in cells to reactivate the hair growth cycle.
A peptide which encourages hair follicle formation, as well as works hand in hand with other peptides to supercharge healthy hair cell regeneration.
Known also as an antioxidant, this powerful anti-ageing key active works to prevent premature hair fall by protecting and strengthening existing hair roots and follicles.
A clinical study comparing hair counts between 0 and 8 weeks after Power Peptides Release weekly treatment which INCREASES HAIR COUNTS BY 62%.
Source: J. Food Sci. Nutr Vol. 5Results may vary from person to person
Studies have shown that IL-6, a protein produced by various cells in the body, is a key factor of hair loss as it induces DHT formation in hair follicles. DHT is the cause of hair follicles miniaturising, which leads to weak hair that will eventually fall. The restraining of IL-6 Levels in the body has shown a decrease in hair fall.The new Svenson Follicells Growth Activator 55 was specifically formulated with a potent mix of 55 beneficial amino acids to do just that - decrease IL-6 formation by 50% in hair follicles cells, leading to healthier stem cells for thicker, denser hair growth.
STEM CELL BOOSTER 70% INCREASE in hair stem cells is just 12 weeks, following clinical trials.
A COMPARISON OF STEM CELLS between treated follicles and untreated follicles showed the treated follicles had a spike of 70% after just 12 weeks.
*Results may vary from person to person.
55 AMINO ACIDS The hair loss process starts when hair stem cells lack much needed nutrients. After rigourous laboratory tests and scientific research, the Follicells Growth Activator 55 was formulated with 55 amino acids to naturally increase hair cell protection and speed up the repair process for healthier hair. Amino acids act as a building block of hair protein, as well as increases scalp microcirculation for greater keratin production in hair.
A needle free injector for mesotherapy that delivers active ingredients into the skin in a ‘Solenoid Method’ that enables high-pressure jet by increasing the internal pressure when magnetism is generated in the magnetic circuit while current flows in the
  • Improve New Hair regeneration
  • Increase Hair Diameters
  • Increase Hair Density
It utilizes iontophoresis to deliver essential nutrients to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Iontophoresis is a safe and painless process that uses a voltage gradient to penetrate the skin. By creating a galvanic effect on the scalp, our Ion Pro Booster stimulates microcirculation, preparing hair follicles to receive vital nutrients. This technology is perfect for those who prefer non-invasive methods, as it does not involve the use of micro needles or injections.
4 benefits of the Ion Pro Booster:
  • Improved scalp microcirculation
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient flow to hair roots
  • Stronger hair bulbs to prevent premature hair fall
  • Stimulation of dormant follicles to increase hair density.
It is a clinically proven formulation to address hair loss concerns, as it effectively inhibits the formation of DHT - the main cause of premature hair loss. The treatment is made with a blend of plant-based extracts, including a new sustainable approach by replacing animal keratin with plant-based keratin. Additionally, it is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants, making it safe for your regular treatment. The Hair Bounce treatment helps improve hair texture, thickness and strength, leaving you with improved hair vitality and bouncy locks after just one session!
Rich in B3, this vitamin effectively increases antioxidant production levels in your hair roots, encouraging keratin production for thicker, stronger hair strands. Vitamin PP also regulates the production of sebum ensuring scalp barrier remains healthy and can effectively absorb nutrients, leading to overall healthier hair.
An amino acid with 6 water-binding molecule structure that is known to give intense moisturisation, Arginine helps to condition the scalp and hair roots to ensure a healthy scalp condition with strong anchorage of hair strands. Its complex of sugars acts effectively to prevent dandruff.
Clinically-proven to inhibit DHT production, this botanical blend harnesses the key actives of the Larch tree, green tea and zinc. Together, the medley helps to increase the production of hair follicle stem cells, decrease hair follicle miniaturization and strengthen hair roots.
This new non-invasive transdermal delivery technology that has been approved by the FDA, enables serums to be absorbed 10 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVELY while stimulating scalp microcirculation. The DEP System is able to increase skin’s permeability by using a particular controlled current that allows micro and macro molecules to be safely delivered directly into hair follicles and roots, without damage to scalp tissue or alteration to the serum’s ingredients.
By using it simultaneously with a complementing formulation for your scalp, the DEP system ensures:
  • ACCELERATION OF ABSORPTION of key active ingredients.
  • SAFE TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY of serum through patented technology.
  • SCALP MICROCIRCULATION to stimulate follicles for optimal serum retention.
A CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULATION that enables superior penetration of key actives into your hair follicles to stimulate stem-cells regeneration.

This is done by pairing a breakthrough super permeable fusion complex, together with a blend of six powerful peptides, enabling pure key active ingredients to be permeated through scalp barrier into cells.
Expect healthier scalp and fuller hair as the Stem-Follicels Treatment works on:
  • Stimulating Stem-cells Regeneration
  • Increasing Hair Follicle Size
  • Promoting Hair Growth Cycle
  • Preventing Premature Hair Fall
  • Protecting Hair Cells From Oxidative Stress
Formulated with potent peptides scientifically proven for hair and scalp health. These peptides include:
A peptide which manipulates hair follicle regeneration by increasing hair follicle size and lengthening the anagen stage in hair growth cycle.
Scientifically proven to be a potent DHT-Inhibitor, and improves scalp microcirculation to boost growth by stimulating hair roots and follicles.
Decreases and prevents inflammation in the scalp, as well as oxidative stress on hair follicles.
A Super Permeable Fusion Complex created by connecting superior technology of cell penetrating peptides with a functional peptide. This resulted in successful delivery of key ingredients into the skin barrier and cell membrane.

Clinical studies showed that SP1-Technology™ is the most effective and non-invasive method of delivering macromolecules into skin and cells.

Studies have shown that SP1-Technology™ has superior penetration efficacy as compared to other formulations in the market. This is evidenced in the diagram above, where a large amount of green fluorescence used to mark SP1-Technology, is seen penetrating effectively throughout the epidermis, into the dermis.
FEATURING PATENTED CELL-SIGNALING TECHNOLOGY and multi growth factors, with proven efficacy in hair follicles stimulation, this formulation awakens, boost and stimulate hair stem cells to promote fuller and thicker hair while kick-starting new hair growth.
A PATENTED METHOD OF CELL CULTURING and extraction of functional biomolecules such as growth factors, peptides, lipids, and amino acids. These biomolecules are vital mediators of cell-to-cell communication for cellular repair or regeneration. The Exosome Therapy biomolecules in the PDRN Therapy are of a comprehensive profile to promote a healthy hair cycle, and it is further enhanced with other key active ingredients in the solution:
PDRN is also known as Salmon DNA - a potent bio-stimulator that aids in cell repair and rejuvenation when delivered to scalp. Its high bioavailability ensures it is readily absorbed by hair roots and follicles to stimulate new growth of healthier, lusher locks.
This extract is known to revive thick hair growth, in light of its ability to increase the size of hair follicles. The melanocytes, the stem cells in follicles responsible for your hair colour, in follicles are also reactivated to prevent premature greying hair strands.
A synergistic blend of biomimetic peptides engineered to stimulate growth factors; to promote hair follicle stem cells and strengthen the hair bulb. Peptides are important to attain healthy hair as it causes cell behaviour changes such as inhibiting DHT formation, prevent follicle miniaturisation, and promote healthier hair growth.



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